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  • Avianx Axp Fusion Duck Decoys Mallards 6 Pk.

    Avian X

    Avianx Axp Fusion Duck Decoys Mallards 6 Pk.

    AXP Full Body Mallards lead the category with a true-to-life flock of hens and drakes designed by world champion decoy carver Rick Johannsen. The unique paint schemes not only look like the real bird, but also create contrast to enhance visibility at...

  • Primos Scar Deer Decoy


    Primos Scar Deer Decoy

    Deer decoy with head and tail that move with the slightest breeze. All legs, head, ears, and antlers fit inside the body cavity for easy transport. Includes ground mounting stake.Features:Moving head and tail;Limbs, head, ears, and antlers fit inside...

  • Avian-X HDR Strutter Decoy


    Avian-X HDR Strutter Decoy

    Rounding out the full flock of decoys and postures in the Heavy-Duty Realism series, the HDR Strutter brings an unprecedented level of realism and detail. This convincing Tom allows for intricate customization when using advanced tactics on mature, wise...

  • Avian X Hdr Strutter Decoy KN1003511_1

    Avian X

    Avian X Hdr Strutter Decoy

    The HDR Strutter features interchangeable heads with distinct aggression levels and an adjustable tail fan. These adjustable components allow the HDR Strutter to mimic a mature Tom or a Youthful Jake for a variety of setups. Flocked feathers, realistic...

6 of 6 Items