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Turkey calls are a vital component of the turkey hunter’s repertoire, especially in the spring season when toms and jakes are actively looking for hens. Birds are often at their most aggressive - and most vocal - in the spring. 

The main types of turkey calls are: 

  • Box calls and push calls - Probably the easiest to use, but require the use of the hands, and are not good in the rain.
  • Slate calls or pot calls - Easy to use, more versatile than box calls, but require more skill and also require the use of the hands.
  • Diaphragm calls or mouth calls - Require some skill to operate but leave both hands free to use the bow or shotgun.
  • Locator calls - These calls do not simulate wild turkey sounds; rather, they mimic crows, owls, or other animals and can often “shock” a tom into gobbling, giving away his location.
  • Gobble calls - Simulate the gobble of an adult male turkey and challenge males, encouraging them to come to investigate. 

Pro-tip: Keep more than one type of turkey hunting call in your vest. All calls have a unique pitch and tenor and sound like different birds. Calling with more than one call can dupe a tom into thinking you’re a flock of birds instead of one lone individual, increasing your chances that he’ll come closer to you.

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