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Turkey calls are a vital component of the turkey hunter’s repertoire, especially in the spring season when toms and jakes are actively looking for hens. Birds are often at their most aggressive - and most vocal - in the spring. 

The main types of turkey calls are: 

  • Box calls and push calls - Probably the easiest to use, but require the use of the hands, and are not good in the rain.
  • Slate calls or pot calls - Easy to use, more versatile than box calls, but require more skill and also require the use of the hands.
  • Diaphragm calls or mouth calls - Require some skill to operate but leave both hands free to use the bow or shotgun.
  • Locator calls - These calls do not simulate wild turkey sounds; rather, they mimic crows, owls, or other animals and can often “shock” a tom into gobbling, giving away his location.
  • Gobble calls - Simulate the gobble of an adult male turkey and challenge males, encouraging them to come to investigate. 

Pro-tip: Keep more than one type of turkey hunting call in your vest. All calls have a unique pitch and tenor and sound like different birds. Calling with more than one call can dupe a tom into thinking you’re a flock of birds instead of one lone individual, increasing your chances that he’ll come closer to you.

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  • Primos Revival Woodgrain Box Turkey Call


    Primos Revival Woodgrain Box Turkey Call

    The Primos Revival is a long box that can be run loud or soft for prospecting or finishing a bird that last little bit. Loud high pitch long yelps and cuts for prospecting and locating birds is easy with the long paddle and trough. Also, use to finish...

  • Primos Heartbreaker Box Call


    Primos Heartbreaker Box Call

    A two-sided box turkey call that produces high-pitched tones and frequencies. The one-piece box is crafted of premium wood with a laser-engraved wood lid made of purple heart wood.Features:One-piece, two-sided mahogany box;Purple heart wood...

  • Wayne Carltons Calls Mac Daddy Herd Pack w Infinity

    Wayne Carltons Calls

    Wayne Carltons Calls Mac Daddy Herd Pack w Infinity

    The awesome, all-in-one Mac Daddy Herd Pack includes the Mac Daddy with Infinity Latex, Estrus Squeeze Me, Carlton’s Calls’ Premium Flex double-reed diaphragm call and “The Complete Elk Caller” DVD. This easy-to-use call produces the most authentic...

  • Woodhaven Clucknpurr Turkey Call


    Woodhaven Clucknpurr Turkey Call

    The revolutionary two pot system creates a baffled air chamber that produces some of the most realistic, throaty tones that are Real Turkey.Features:Two pot system creates a baffled air chamber;Produces some of the most realistic, throaty tones that are...

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    Primos Hook Up Turkey Call


    Primos Hook Up Turkey Call

    The Hook Up box from Primos is designed to take all the guess work out of getting that perfect box call sound every time you play it. The ultra-strong magnet holds the paddle at the perfect angle for crisp cuts, smooth purrs and soft to loud yelps. When...

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    Now: $59.99
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